Traveling Tips for Seniors During the Holiday Season

If you’ve ever tried to travel by plane, train or automobile during the holidays, there’s a good chance you may have experienced, missed flights, delayed routes or last minute car trouble.
There’s no busier time to travel than now. And for seniors, it can be especially challenging to reach your destination when suffering from memory impairment, health issues or limited mobility.
With a little bit of pre-planning, you’ll find there are safer and more convenient ways for your older loved one to travel this holiday season. Freedom Home Care offers several tips below to help make your senior’s trip more enjoyable.

Fly Right

Purchase tickets well in advance. This way, not only are you more likely to get the best deal on your flight, you also have a better chance of getting the proper accommodations for your loved one.

Be sure to check with the airport you’re traveling from to find out what their screening requirements are. In many cases, adults over a certain age qualify for expedited screening, excluding them from taking off shoes, belts or clothing at the checkpoint.

Time Your Travel

More often than not, peak travel times occur right before the holiday. So, it’s best to plan ahead when vacationing with an older loved one. A few things you can do to avoid holiday traffic include:

  • Checking websites that offer deals on flexible travel dates
  • Driving when the roads are less busy 
  • Planning trips during hours that best accommodate your senior

Prepare for Emergencies

When you least expect it, things happen. So, it’s important to bring along any medications, medical devices or other information that your senior might need for the trip’s duration.

Stay Connected

Your senior is going to need to stay in touch with you and other family members when they travel. Make sure they have their cell phones, tablets or any electronic devices that might help them do that. Smartphones are also helpful when checking for delayed flights and for letting loved ones know you’re running behind. They also come in handy whenever your senior needs directions getting to their destination.

Consider a professional home care agency if your loved one is unable to travel.  Freedom Home Care‘s friendly, caring staff is here to make our place feel like home during the holidays.