The Gift of Family

Although there are all kinds of apps to help seniors communicate with family and technology to keep us connected, there is truly nothing like spending time together, especially in this season.
In the time of celebration, amid the busyness the holidays bring, loneliness can largely affect seniors, especially those with Alzheimer’s, as they aren’t able to do everything they once could. But there’s an easy way to combat the feelings of solitude: family.
A family isn’t just blood relatives – it’s the people who care and are willing to sacrifice time for someone else. Not just during one time of the year, but all throughout the seasons. It’s honestly one of the very best gifts and you don’t even have to buy it.
It’s no secret that a social life leads to longevity, but did you know that there are special benefits for senior interaction with young children and even from conversations with college students? This is great news, especially if you have a big family of all ages. Everyone can offer something different and spend time doing all kinds of different things, from making memory books, reading or painting together to talking or playing a game.
Don’t just take this as a job for yourself—a daughter or son to spend time with an aging mom or dad with Alzheimer’s. See it as an opportunity to make or enjoy a meal together, a chance to take a break and do some fun activities as a family. Everyone doesn’t have to come all at one time. Reduce the stress and chaos (both on yourself and others) and talk to your family members to see how everyone can get involved.
This Christmas, give a gift that lasts. Give the gift of family. It’s not just a one-time deal, but a gift that keeps giving—in the form of hope and encouragement. Studies show that family intervention greatly reduces distress and depression in those with Alzheimer’s, not to mention the other mental and behavioral benefits.
The gift of family doesn’t just have to be one that’s given—you can get this gift yourself. Surround yourself with a support group, a family that knows what you are going through. Alzheimer’s support groups are available all over the country and full of individuals who are familiar with the communication struggles and can be a huge emotional support during this tough time.
In addition to support groups, you can also reach out to a Home Care Agency and inquire about Alzheimer’s Care or Personalized Elder Care. With a well-trained staff of professionals, we at Freedom Home Care are a Highland Park home care agency that does not see care as a job but an opportunity to befriend and help an individual. We value the time with our patients and believe that family is one of the best gifts that you can give and we can think of nothing better than to help yours this season.
If you are in need of in-home care services or home care resources, don’t hesitate to call us at (877) 262-1223. We’re the “Home Care Agency Near You” if you’re in the Highland Park area.