What to Look for When Choosing the Right Senior Care

Choosing a home care agency that you are confident in providing quality care for a loved one does not have to be a daunting task. It may involve an assessment of needs, compatibility check, informal interviews, calls and meetings. But searching for the right senior care agency will ultimately benefit both you and your loved one, as they will provide meaningful support that helps both parties enjoy life and relax a little more. Just remind yourself of this anytime the search feels overwhelming.
When you start the search for a care agency, here are a few things to consider that will help you choose the right senior care:

  1. License and Reputation

First and foremost, check each agency’s license, insurance, certifications and ask questions about everything, from their caregiver’s background to taxes and cancellation policies. It is of utmost importance that the individuals providing care have been thoroughly vetted, are trained and qualified, and the agency is licensed and reputable. Print off a list of questions and be sure to talk to each agency about any discrepancies you find in your research. Also, be sure to reach out to families, friends and even your (or your senior’s) physician, to ask for recommendations.

  1. The Right Services

Everyone has different needs, so each person requires different levels of support and services. Take this into account before calling local home care agencies. There is everything from full-time live-in care to experienced caregivers that operate on an hourly basis, skilled care that helps with medical needs to custodial care that assist with housekeeping, meal prep, shopping and personal care. Sit with your loved one and make a list of the things they are seeking help with from a caregiver—go over everything from how much interaction they’d like, to when they’d prefer care, what activities they need assistance with and a budget.
Be sure to consider the following in your search:

  • Does your loved one need specialized care due to memory loss?
  • Is medication management something that you are seeking?
  • How much companion care and hands-on care is needed?
  • Take transportation and activities into account—does your elder need an escort to the doctor or other appointments and activities?
  • Will the caretaker need to cook and are their any special dietary requirements?
  • How many hours of care is needed each day?


  1. Caring and Attentive Professional Caregivers

There are many important qualities a caregiver should have and at the top of the list are honesty, empathy and focus. This is in addition to the most important aspect—that they are trained and have experience providing support to the mental, physical and emotional needs of adults. This person should be caring and wanting to build a relationship with their patients, because compassion builds trust and makes a better environment, in which the best care and support can be provided.

  1. Location

While the location of the home care agency may not be high on your list of importance, it should not be overlooked. If your loved one lives in Highland Park, then look at Highland Park home care first. Having an agency that is nearby can provide an assurance that others may not be able to.
If you are searching for “Home Care Agency Near Me” in the Chicago area, don’t hesitate to contact us at Freedom Home Care with any of your questions. We’d be happy to help you in your search for the right senior care agency.