Valentine's Day Ideas for Seniors

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you’ve been trying to decide what to get your loved one for the holiday. But how do you purchase a gift for that special someone that seems to have everything?

As we get older, our interests and needs change. Perhaps the typical flowers and candy don’t appeal as much anymore. Maybe the socks from holidays’ past seem to be piling up in your significant other’s drawer.  If that’s the case, experts suggest offering your love gifts that help create “experiences” instead of just adding to their “stuff.”

Does your love enjoy theatrical or cinematic entertainment? Maybe a night at the opera, ballet or theater is the way to warm their heart. Check online for showtimes and ticket prices. Look for deals that include might include dinner and drinks – and make it a date!

Make Valentine’s Day Treats

If baking is your specialty, why not cook up some sweets for your sweet. Heart-shaped pies, cookies or snacks are a great way celebrate your love. Sites like have tons of holiday snack ideas like Valentine Heart Sandwich Cookies, Chocolate-Cherry layered Cupcakes or Sweetheart Cookie Bouquets.

Of course, if your special someone is not the treat-eating type, there are plenty of heart-healthy recipes that show your true love how much you care.

Love Toast
Try serving up a slice or two of Love Toast. Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, wheat bread is topped with eggs, salt and pepper and sprinkled with parsley, chives or basil.
Picture Your Love Anew

A picture is worth a thousand words. But this Valentine’s Day, all you need are three. Create your own scrap book or photo album and include letters, pictures, cards, flowers or other memorabilia that say “I love you.” For tech-savvy seniors, design your own personal mementos with Pinterest’s arts and crafts pin board. It’s a beautiful way to share photos and other collectible items with the world.

Freedom Home Care came up with a few other unique gift-giving ideas that are sure to warm your true love’s heart this Valentine’s Day.
Love Never Fails Wood Box Plaque

This ornamental, fully-enclosed wood box sign says it all. “Love never fails.”

The rustic, painted box can stand freely or be mounted on the wall in a timeless display of your love.
Light Therapy Lamp by Verilux

Light up their life with the Verilux HappyLight Liberty 5k Energy Lamp.  The Verilux HappyLight utilizes light to help alleviate sluggishness and fatigue, while increasing focus and concentration.

This Valentine’s Day consider giving your loved one the gift of friendly, personalized services from a professional home care agency. Consider Freedom Home Care.