Easy to Grow Plants for Seniors

If there’s one activity that benefits us all as we age, it’s gardening.
Since at least the early 1900’s, Americans have taken advantage of gardening and all that it has to offer. Not only does planting and growing your own garden increase mental health, it also provides a host of other benefits like building endurance, improving sleep cycles, increasing mobility and flexibility, decreasing stress levels and reducing anxiety and depression.
Desite all of the favorable aspects of gardening, your loved one doesn’t have to have a green thumb to get started on their own garden. Growing your own flowers and plants is a simple, stress-relieving way to beautify your surroundings.
Luckily, there are a number of plants that are low maintenance and easy to cultivate.  Freedom Home Care found a few senior-friendly types, below.
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera plants thrive in dry conditions. When potting, make sure your pot has plenty of holes to let water drain out. As a succulent plant, Aloe Veras can live on less water than average, making it ideal on those days you’re not able to get around to watering it. Just be sure your plant has plenty of sunlight and is allowed to drain freely.
The Sansevieria or “snake plant” has long, sword-shaped leaves with a mottled pattern. Because of its small size, it can accommodate any room. Known for being “hard to kill” this plant can get by on very little light with just a few waterings each month.
African Violet
If your senior prefers to grow flowers, African Violets are always in bloom and do well in moist soil and indirect sunlight.
Spider Plant
As the name suggests, Spider plants are a verdant species that grows quickly. This plants enjoys weekly watering and indirect sunlight. It can also be easily repotted and placed around the home.
Amazon Elephant Ear
The heart-shaped leaves on these tropical plants resemble…you guessed it…elephant ears. Thriving in a warm, humid environment, the Amazon Elephant Ear should be kept out of direct sunlight. When watering, gently mist the leaves of the plant with a small spray bottle to reproduce the effect of humidity in the jungle.
While planting a garden offers countless health benefits to your loved one, finding the right one will provide them with a delightful activity that helps contribute to their overall well-being.
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