Swimming Tips to Stay Safe for Seniors

As a low-impact exercise, swimming is a great way to help increase strength, flexibility and endurance while eliminating some of the joint soreness that tends to happen as we age. It also helps release endorphins which aid in pain natural pain relief.
Even with all of the advantages of adding swimming to your regular fitness routine, following pool safety is important for anyone at any age. It’s especially important for older loved ones.
Freedom Home Care offers some tips below to not only help your senior practice safe swimming habits but stay fit and healthy in the process.
Be Sure Your Senior is Swim-Ready
This may go without saying, but if your loved one is planning to spend a good deal of time in or around water this summer, make sure they know how to swim. Some people prefer to just put their feet in or hang out on the beach, and that’s ok. But if your senior is planning to brave waters, even for a moment, they should be able to swim.
Never Swim Alone
In 2013, senior-related drownings were up 50 percent. Experts say it’s best to swim with a family member or home care agency professional to help reduce the risk of drownings or falls.
Take the Proper Precautions
Even if your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, they don’t have to be exempt from summer pool fun. Along with your supervision, a medical alert device can help keep you informed of their whereabouts at all times. Many devices are waterproof and can be worn while swimming.
Installing a fence with a lock around the swim area is another option. This way, access to the pool is restricted until someone else is present.
Adding a pool rail and removing unnecessary toys and objects are some of the best ways to prevent slips and falls. Metal railing helps your senior get in and out of the pool safely, while a decluttered swim area helps avoid the risk of your loved one tripping.
Prevent Water Illness
Water should be treated and without contaminants. Because many seniors suffer from various types of illnesses, germs found in some pools can have adverse affects on the immune system. You and your loved one can take the proper precautions by staying out of the water if someone has diarrhea, showering before swimming and not drinking pool water.

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