"Senior Share Houses" Roomates for Senior Citizens

With the rising costs of living, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for seniors to age-in-place.
But it’s not just seniors who are finding it harder to rent or own in today’s housing market. Singles are struggling to locate affordable housing options, as well. As a result, many people are turning to shared housing as a way to alleviate some of the financial burden associated with living alone.
While some older loved ones might be initially apprehensive about living with someone they don’t know, there are a number of benefits to pairing up with a person who is trustworthy and compatible. Seniors have companionship, reduced living expenses and an added sense of security.
In fact, according to AARP, more than four million seniors are finding that shared housing with other seniors is a lot like building a small community. Similar to a retirement home, shared housing provides a built-in support system. Many times this person can offer reminders about medications and doctors appointments and are usually there to help with everyday chores, like dishes or laundry.
They are often more active and social because they have a companion to do things with. Many older loved ones who wouldn’t normally have the option of staying in their home, have the opportunity to do so because there is someone else to help pay the rent. They’re also able to experience the independence they desire because they’re not alone.
On the other hand, for those seniors looking for a room to rent, they also stand to benefit from a housing share. They often pay less rent than if they were living by themselves and the requirements may be less stringent than with a regular rental agreement. Seniors living together might be the safest option for both people.
One of best available options for housing shares today are to match seniors up through a room share program like Shared Housing.
Through the online room share program, housing providers open up their homes to pre-screened applicants looking to rent a room. The housing provider and housing seeker must be mentally, physically, financially and emotionally self sufficient in order to participate in the program and are placed according to compatibility.
Once a match is made, alaseniorliving.com draws up a roommate agreement and monitors the housing share until the end of the agreement. Some matches have lasted more than two years since Shared Housing’s inception.

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