September Is Healthy Aging Month

Everyone is constantly searching for the next age-defying secret. Businesses spend billions of ad dollars each year catering to millennials and technology is quickly becoming known as a tool of the younger generation. How are we reaching the growing demographic of seniors among us and in our communities?
To combat this growing trend and increase awareness about the benefits of aging, Carolyn Worthington – founder of Healthy Aging Magazine – deemed September is Healthy Aging Month.

The goal of September being Healthy Aging Month is to help seniors find practical ways to improve their lives mentally, physically, socially and financially.
Many older loved ones believe that their age inhibits them from learning new things. And with the constant changes in technology, the busy social media landscape and the ‘go, go, go mindset’ of families today, it’s no wonder seniors are left feeling like they can’t keep up. Entering the Golden Years, we aren’t required to learn at the same pace that we did when we were younger. So, it’s up to the individual to make a conscious decision to keep evolving with age. That’s where September is Healthy Aging Month comes in.

The people at advocate for the “reinvention” of American seniors. They feel like there’s no expiration date on discovering a new hobby, finding a new job or diving into your latest passion. In fact, they say, there’s no time like the present. As the number of people reaching the age of 45 continues to increase, the magazine has found that a majority of Generation X’ers hold ideas and beliefs similar to that of the generation they succeed – the improvement of overall health and well-being. And because we usually think of fall as being a time of renewal – renewed schedules, commitments and ideas – September is the perfect time to start.
To combat some of the myths associated with aging, Freedom Home Care lists several things below that seniors can do to start living their best lives.

Stay Positive

If you find that you want to complain about the weather or the way your neighbors’ park their car in the driveway, try instead to think about something more positive – something that makes you smile. Remember that energy is contagious. So, surround yourself with others who think positive as well.

Combat Loneliness

Don’t take let your circumstances dictate your mood. If your loved ones live miles away, pick up the phone and call or text them. Schedule time to hang out with friends or join a group at your local senior community center. Go out and volunteer or become a care giver at your local home care agency.


Routine exercise benefits the mind, body and soul. Start off slow by walking or jogging 20 to 30 minutes once or twice a week, then increase your time as your body allows. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before beginning any fitness regime.

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