Earning a Successful Transition Home from the Hospital or Rehab Stay

It is not easy returning home from being in the hospital or rehab for a long stay. More than anything, your loved ones cannot wait to return home. But with returning home, it comes with the fear that they might have another accident or re-hospitalization again.
Freedom Home Care, your home care agency, has high-quality staff on hands 24/7 to ensure you and your family that your loved ones are in the best care after returning home from a rehab or hospital stay.
With that being said, Freedom Home Care has put together some strategies for helping your loved ones safely return home. These five strategies are just a few of our in-home services that we do to prevent hospital visits.

  1. All medications taken by your loved one is managed by an in-home nurse and is carefully monitoring the intake of medicine daily. If your loved one is scared that they will forget or take too much, then this is a great way to ensure you and your family member to feel safe.
  2. Monitor their fluid intake and set nutrition plans given by your loved one’s doctors. Whatever is prescribed or directed in the plan, it will be upheld by our staff.
  3. Provide easy transportation. When your loved one has a follow-up appointment or has to return to the hospital for tests, provide easy and safe transportation for your loved one.
  4. Continue rehabilitation exercises daily to ensure their body will fully recover. It is important in recovery to remain active and by having a certified staff member help daily, your loved one will feel safe while doing it.
  5. The last one is patient safety. As your home care agency in Highland Park, we ensure you that your loved ones are getting the highest care for their additional needs beyond what you or a family member can provide.

Interesting in our in-home services for a family member? Contact us today to learn more about our 24 hour on call staff and the services we provide in-home. Once you contact us, ask about our free in-home assessment to learn more about our services that is right for their needs.