Benefits of Music for the Elderly

We at Freedom Home Care, your home care agency, believe that music can work in many ways. One way found in a recent study shows that music is good for the health. The relationship between music and senior citizens can be beneficial for health and the quality of life. With the holidays and holiday music approaching right around the corner, we thought what better way to show you just how effective music can be.
A study by the American music Therapy Association showed that music and activities done with music provides comfort and relief to people living with Alzheimer’s disease and or dementia. Ways you could incorporate this into everyday activities would include making a playlist with their favorite songs, or popping in a sing-along film.
Try to play music around your loved ones’ home. The more they hear upbeat songs, the more your family members will feel happy and eager to move around more. While playing music, it will increase coordination and mobility by them walking and dancing around the house more.
The music will also help with more social interaction for your loved one. By them singing along, it will improve their cognition and speech functions. While whistling along, they will feel higher self-esteem and dispel anxiety, tension, and fear.
The benefits are endless- and not over yet. By playing songs, sometimes even the same 5-6, it will help to improve their memory. The music will assist them in their memory recall and provide them with a communicative structure.
So what are you waiting for? Pop in their favorite CD and sing along this holiday season. Spread some joy and make everyone feel a higher quality of life. Looking for a home care agency in Highland Park, IL? Check us out online or give us a call today. We offer many services in-home at all hours of the day.