How to Reduce Joint Pain in the Colder Months

With the temperatures starting to lower, it’s not uncommon to hear complaints about increased joint pain. It is believed that there’s a common factor between the changing temperatures and precipitation levels, and the pain they experience within their bodies. According to a study, 2/3 of people interviewed about chronic pain said that they experienced most of their pain in the colder seasons. Most people said that they could tell when the weather was about to change because they felt pain in the days prior. Below, are some ways to prevent some of the chronic pain you may experience.

Dress in Layers

The colder temperatures can bring out the pain you may feel in your joints and also make you feel more stiff than usual. Dressing warmly in layers will help prevent the pain and thus allow you to go out during the colder months and experience life as you normally do. Don’t let the cold weather run your life, dress accordingly and enjoy the snowy views.

Eat Well

Indulging in a healthy diet has many positive effects. In fact, healthy fats found in oils, nuts, while also taking various minerals and vitamins, vegetables and protein will even out blood sugar, calm anxiety, boost your energy and reduce inflammation and joint pain.

Get A Massage

Massages improve circulation and reduce joint pain. The gentle kneading motion of a massage increases the flexibility of the skin and we can’t forget about how relaxing a message is!

Stay Active

Staying active during the colder winter months is crucial for managing joint pain and improving your flexibility. Exercises such as riding a stationary bike or walking on a low intensity treadmill. It will increase overall blood flow thus loosening your joints and getting the pain under control.

Use Heat

While also dressing in layers you can try to also apply heat to the joints and areas that are bothersome. Applying a heating pad, a warmed up sock full of rice or even taking a nice warm bath can improve the joint pain but make sure not to over do it.
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