Benefits of Keeping Your Senior Active by Doing Things They Love

As we get older, there’s a natural tendency to slow down or stop doing the things we once loved to do. Many times seniors can no longer physically take part in the same activities due to a loss of strength or lack of mobility. But you don’t have to be completely mobile or in top physical condition to participate in your favorite hobbies or pastimes.

And staying engaged is not only enjoyable, but it also contributes your overall health and well-being.

According to the Center for Disease Control, seniors who continue doing the things they love are more likely to maintain their independence, less likely to develop anxiety and depression and at a lower risk of dying from medical conditions like high blood pressure, colon cancer, diabetes and coronary heart disease. Being active also aids in controlling joint pain and swelling, increases stamina and muscle strength and helps maintain healthy muscles, joints and bones.

And it’s not just physical activity that has been shown to be beneficial to your well-being. It’s mental activity as well. Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body. Experts say that we should be challenged mentally on a daily basis. Some of the best ways to do that include brain games, tasks and activities.

Arts & Crafts

If you’re interested in using your hands to create things, then arts and crafts might be the thing for you. Baking, sewing and making cards help promote dexterity in the fingers and hands and keeps the brain active, too.


Word puzzles are another great way to exercise the mind. Solving puzzles or even just trying to solve puzzles, give your brain a sufficient workout. A good game of bingo, played among other people, helps stimulate sight, hearing and touch.

Other types of puzzles include jigsaw puzzles. Figuring out how each piece fits together doesn’t just offer mental stimulation, it also helps lower blood pressure, slows breathing and promotes relaxation.

Virtual Games

If you like to navigate the internet, try to find a few interactive games to play online. These activities improve memory and enhance mental health. Their lots of fun, too. As an added challenge, many online games can be played with two or more people.

Help with Activities at Home

Friendly, personal care-giving services from a professional company like Freedom Home Care are also beneficial in helping you stay active and engaged in doing the things you love. We’re here to meet all of your home care needs. Find out how, today! Call us today at (877) 262-1223.