Armchair Exercises

Exercise is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is very important for everyone, even elderly people. However, as you get older, exercise can seem more overwhelming. There are some easy and beneficial exercises for the elderly that only require you to have an armchair. Learn more about these exercises below.

According to Very Well Fit, “For senior citizens who’ve lost a step or two in their later years, or who are battling the effects of chronic pain or disability due to injury or health condition, there are accessible exercise options that can improve strength, cardiovascular health, mobility, and balance, all from the comfort of a sturdy chair.

  • Warm Up – Before you get into your armchair exercises, it is a good idea to warm up. One good way to warm up is by doing some arm circles and shoulder circles.
  • Seated Jumping Jacks – This exercise is just like normal jumping jacks, but you don’t leave your seat. You move your arms above your head then back into place by your sides. However, you will want to be aware of the arm rests, so you don’t strike your arm and get hurt.
  • Calf Raises – To do this exercise, you will want to sit tall with your feet flat on the floor. Then, you will lift your heel from the ground as high as you can without taking your toes off the floor.
  • Sit and Stand – Another armchair exercise is simply sitting in your chair and then standing up. Try to o this exercise with little help from your hands and arms so that you are engaging your core and legs.
  • Chair Running – To get a little cardio exercise, you can try out chair running. With this exercise, you will want to sit in your chair while lifting your knees up toward you. This will be like running, but it will be much easier on your body.
  • Overhead Arm Raises – Another important and practical exercise is arm raises. This will keep your arms and shoulders strong for when you need to reach out or up to get something. With this exercise, you can use small weights or just use your body weight. What you will do is put your hands near your shoulders with palms facing out. Then, you will press your arms up over your head fully extending your elbows.

These exercises could be a great way to keep you fit and healthy. However, you will want to consult your doctor before jumping into anything too strenuous.

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