Gifts for Seniors: What’s New This Holiday Season

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one or relative is often a daunting task during the holiday season. It’s tough to find some relevant, personal and budget friendly for every person on your gift list – especially for family members. Gifts for our senior family members are often more challenging because they have almost everything they need – hobby supplies, knickknacks, essentials, etc. The longer you know someone, the harder it is to find and select the perfect gift. Creativity is hard to come by during the holiday season, but the following gifts may offer a remedy to gift shopping.


Something personalized: Consider creating a personalized gift for your senior relatives that is one-of-a-kind. They may seem to have everything they need, but a personalized gift shows your appreciation for them and conveys a caring message during the holiday season.


Subscription Boxes: Subscription boxes are a great gift for parents or grandparents because they are unique and offer varying gifts once a month. They’ll receive a package once a month that contains a collection of items, depending on the type and brand.


Memory Journals: Memory books offer an opportunity for customization through writing prompts, photos and memories. Stories are passed down through journals and can be enjoyed by future generations.


Giving gifts that encourage healthy senior living can also be great gift options during the holiday season. Providing functional gifts that maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle can be very beneficial.


Ergonomic Kitchen Gadgets: As our senior relatives age, they often experience arthritis or other mobility-reducing factors. Encourage healthy habits in the kitchen with ergonomic kitchen utensils and items that are designed to limit hand and wrist issues.


Enrollment in a Class: Picking up a new hobby or learning a new skill is fun at almost any age, even for elders. Seniors who participate in educational activities can potentially increase cognitive function, according to research. Classes can consist on dancing, book clubs, crafts, etc.


Light Therapy Lamps: Therapy lamps simulate sunlight in order to regulate circadian rhythms and continue the production of certain hormones. This gift is appropriate for seniors who may not get out of the house as often as they should and who are at risk for seasonal effective disorder.


Spoiling your relatives can be one of the most enjoyable moments of the holiday season and there are few experiences that are as rewarding. When going all out for parents or grandparents, consider the following gifts:


Helpful Technology: The phrase “there’s an app for everything” is even more true nowadays with the improvements in recent technology. Consider a technologically advanced gift for a senior relative to help them further manage routines, stay active and communicate easier.


Snowbird’s Getaway: Consider gifting a warm getaway to your parents or grandparents, especially to those who live in colder climates. Look for somewhere bright and beautiful that had many fun-filled adventures and opportunities.


Now that you have the best ideas for gifts for the holiday season, get to shopping! Remember the basic tips aforementioned when shopping for senior relatives and family members. For more information regarding elderly care, specifically home care, visit Freedom Home Care today! They’re a home care agency that specializes in home care located in Highland Park, Illinois.