How to Stimulate Someone Living with Alzheimer’s Disease


As a home care agency we know that having a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s disease is not easy. This progressive disease eventually begins to wear down your body’s senses, and you then need something known as sensory stimulation to help maintain those functions. By doing so, you will notice a way to improve a loved one’s life without the use of medication.


You are in luck! We at Freedom Home Care have found some great activities that’ll help your loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia stay engaged and positively benefit them. Try any of these activities below for better memory, self-esteem, moods, and sense of well-being.


Number one, smell. One of the first things to become depressed when you have this disease is your sense of smell. If you use ordinary objects to help engage your loved one’s sense overtime it will help bring it back. It is better to try with objects that aren’t usually in their reach/everyday life like fresh flowers or a bold smell.


Next up is to try using engaging activities to fit into their everyday routine. Finding things like knitting or painting for your loved ones to do will help provide a creative outlet and keep their moods happy and calm. It’ll also help keep your mind off of those winter blues.


Reading books is another great way to benefit your loved ones. Not all, but some patients will still have flawless eyesight but lose the ability to correctly see what is going on. Reading with your loved one is a great way to stimulate hearing, sight, and memory all together.


Doing some of these activities is a great way to sensory stimulate your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia. It is important to select an activity that you think your loved one will enjoy that day. Trying at least one a day will go a long way in improving their overall health!


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