It’s Not Too Late To Do Great Things


People always joke that they are “too old” for certain things. The truth is, you are never too old, and it is never too late to have fun and meaningful activities and life accomplishments. Read on to learn more about older people doing great things.

  • Being a Model at 80 Years Old – Wang Deshun was in a high-profile fashion show at the age of 80. He walked the catwalk and showed you are never too old for a fashion show.
  • Graduating in Your 90’s – Many older people are showing that it is never too late to go back and graduate. Leona Paulus quit school at the age of 12, but she went back to get her high school diploma at the age of 96. Another woman, Nola Ochs went back to college and graduated from college at the age of 95. She even went on to get her master’s degree at the age of 98.
  • Be Active at Any Age – Also, just because you grow older is not a reason to give up being active and doing fun activities. At 100 years of age, Frank Shearer still liked to water ski. Jerome Defraitus is known to be the oldest professional skateboarder. Sister Madonna Bruder has done over 45 Ironman competitions, and she is still going strong at the age of 86.

You are never to old to do fun and great things. Is there something you have dreamed about doing, but you thought you were too old? You should consider trying it out now.

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