A Good Breakfast for Senior Citizens

Are you running out of breakfast ideas for your loved ones to stay healthy and have energy throughout the day? Starting out the day with a nutritious and healthy breakfast might help prevent health conditions for your loved one. Luckily for you, we at Freedom Home Care, your home care agency, have some ideas for you!


When asking around, we found that the most difficult part about eating healthy, especially for elders, is all the planning that goes into it. Our first tip for you is to plan out what your loved one is going to eat for the week, that way it is easier to shop and cook meals ahead of time.


Protein protein protein. How much should your loved one be consuming each day? According to recommended protein consumption targets, it is not precisely known; but some experts suggest 1.3 grams for every kilogram of your body weight. Be sure to choose foods that are high in protein when planning out breakfast.


Yogurt and oatmeal are quick and easy to prepare in the morning and are loaded with nutrition. If the oatmeal or yogurt seems “plain” to your loved one you can chop up some fruit, granola, or other healthy foods to throw in.


Eggs and smoothies are another great breakfast option that is easy to prepare and will keep your loved one energized to start out the morning. Eggs are protein rich and provide important vitamins that can stave off osteoporosis. The smoothie is a great option if your family member is not very hungry but wants to get something in their stomach.


If you start your loved one off by providing them with a healthy and nourished breakfast they will have more energy to go through out their day. Because it is the first meal of the day, you want to make sure you’re filling all their nutritional needs by giving them healthy foods.


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