5 Winter Activities for Seniors That Warm the Heart


The wintry months make it hard to leave the house. Not only does the cold weather keep you indoors, but it also brings about a sense of isolation. Fear not! Blow details five ways older adults can stay active and warm during these cold months.


  1. Heat up around food

Did you know that cooking stimulates more than just our stomachs? Not only does making a meal actively exercise the brain, but it also allows older adults to engage in a heartwarming activity. Because cooking involves setting timers and reading recipes, older adults are fighting memory loss and cognitive decay while filling up on delicious, warm food.


  1. Get crafty

Get those fingers moving! Older adults can stay active during the cold, wintry months by knitting, crocheting, quilting and crafting. Hospitals and homeless shelters always welcome donations like blankets and hats. Not only does crafting allow older adults to keep warm while staying active, but it also allows them to give back to their community and be a helping hand to someone in need. If your loved one does not know how to knit or crochet, a quick internet search detailing instructions is never far away!


  1. Let’s get physical, physical…

Engaging in a workout is another way older adults can stay active during the cold months. Home-based exercise routines aid in the prevention of dementia, muscle pain, high blood pressure and diabetes while promoting confidence and endorphins. For instance, low-impact exercises like stretching, yoga and walking are great exercises that can be tailored to fit your loved one’s ability level.


  1. Keep in touch with loved ones

Older adults can warm their hearts by keeping in touch with loved ones. Because the winter can bring about feelings of isolation and loneliness, it is imperative to maintain communication with family and friends. Not only does routinely interacting with loved ones give older adults something to look forward to on drab days, but it also benefits their overall well-being.


  1. Make “blessings bags” for the community

The last way older adults and keep warm during the wintry months includes making “blessings bags.” The older you get; the more assistance you need. This can leave older adults with a sense of helplessness. Purchasing items like socks, mini water bottles, small snacks, travel toiletries and gloves to fill bags up with is a great way for older adults to maintain their sense of independence. Your older adults can pass these “blessings bags” out to members of their community to spread the love and warm other’s hearts.


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