Surround Yourself with People Who Make You Laugh

You know what they say- laughter is the best medicine, so why not surround yourself with people who make you laugh out loud for hours. Researchers have found that there are health benefits from laughter and they are even more effective in senior citizens.


At Freedom Home Care we take pride in giving your loved ones the best care while stressing the importance of laughter. Not only will it brighten your loved one’s day, but it also can do way more health wise like the following below.


Increased endorphin levels are a result from laughing. Because endorphins are your body’s “natural” pain killers, the more you or your loved one laugh, the more you’re going to fight pain inside your body.


Decreasing depression is also a way laughing can work. Anything you or a loved one can do to decrease anxiety and/or depression is a great thing and laughing can help reduce depression. When you make someone laugh or laugh yourself, it can help boost your overall mood.


Working your muscles. Yea you heard that right- laughing can allow your abdomen muscles and your diaphragm to get a good workout in, especially laughing for a long period of time. For senior citizens, this is even more effective and important if your family member suffers from asthma or chronic bronchitis.


Improved communication skills can be a result from laughing with your loved ones. By sharing laughter together, it will allow you to form a closer bond and better communicate between the two of you especially when it comes time to more serious conversations. So, what are you waiting for? Get cracking on those jokes. At Freedom Home Care, we make sure that our seniors have plenty of laughs!


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