American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month. This month gives us all the chance to focus on heart health and the steps we can take to make our heart function better.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for people in the United States. One in four deaths are caused by heart disease. However, this is a disease that can be prevented when people make healthy lifestyle decisions. February is American Heart Month, so we are helping to get out the word and help people make some lifestyle changes to prevent heart disease.

How Can You Prevent Heart Disease?

There are several different ways that you can improve your lifestyle to prevent heart disease. One of these ways is to eat a heart-healthy diet. A diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and very little salt and sugar will help you prevent heart disease.

Another way to improve your lifestyle to decrease your risk of getting heart disease is by getting quality sleep. Many people do not think of sleep as a priority, but sleep deprivation can have an extremely negative impact on your health including giving you a higher risk for high blood pressure and a heart attack.

According to Mayo Clinic, “Getting some regular, daily exercise can reduce your risk of heart disease. And when you combine physical activity with other lifestyle measures, such as maintaining a healthy weight, the payoff is even greater.”

You can also take action by visiting your doctor regularly and getting regular health screenings. Getting screened regularly for blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and diabetes can help you recognize if you are starting to develop certain issues. This will give you the chance to take action to improve your health.

You can celebrate American Heart Month by choosing some healthy lifestyle practices. You can also celebrate by informing others about the risks of heart disease. Passing on the word could help someone significantly improve their health.

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