Celebrating the Family Caregiver

Caregivers are a vital member of our community and perhaps more personal- your family. At Freedom Home Care we know just how much time they spend with your loved one and how much effort they put into developing a relationship with a family.


Caregivers come from all over and serve a purpose in a variety of roles. Some of these roles may be an advocate, nurse, consoler, helper, chef, companion, safety guard, merrymaker, and steward. Each role unique and important, they all require different strengths and skills that should be celebrated and appreciated.


Our caregivers are constantly reading up on and trying to learn more about supported decision making. For you, that means that they balance the wishes from you and your loved one with your opinions. At the same time, this type of decision making allows your loved one to make their own decisions with the support of you and the caregiver.


Your family caregiver might also help your loved one develop a hobby that they can do during their free time. Because they spend many hours a day with your loved one, helping them find a creative outlet that best fits them often comes easy and can be very appreciated.


Another thing to celebrate is fewer errands you have to run! With the help of a home caregiver, they can save you time each week on things like prescription pick-ups and medical supplies. Caregivers often ask your loved one’s doctors to send 90-day prescriptions or home delivery so you can spend less time picking up meds.


Not only does a caregiver tend to you or a loved one, but they provide friendship and companionship like no other. When spending so much time with you or a loved one, a friendship will develop where your loved one can confide in them and always have some company around.


Now that’s something we all can celebrate! Looking for a home care agency where you can find a caregiver just like that? Visit your home care agency in Highland Park, IL today to learn more. To see what our past clients are saying view the FHC Reviews page. Check out our hours at FHC Hours and start celebrating today.