4 Ways to Fight Back Pain at Home

We all know that feeling of…. Back pain. As you age, the most common and leading cause of pain is back pain. At Freedom Home Care, we might have some ways that can eliminate back pain and fight the stigma that getting older has to hurt.


The first tip to eliminating back pain is developing a healthier lifestyle. With that comes eating healthier and trying to watch your weight. Excess weight on your body will cause a strain on joints and muscles that work to support your back. Making a balanced diet for yourself will help to take some of the strain away.


Comfy clothes are another key to fighting back pain. The clothes and shoes you choose every day have an effect on your body’s health. Studies have shown that shoes and certain clothing items have a direct impact on back strains and pain.


Next up on your home care agency’s list is fixing your posture. While sitting, if you are in a slouched down position it causes excessive pressure on your back’s muscles and joints. Slouching could be the reason why your back is hurting. Try to sit up straight and eliminate slouching for some relief.


Deep breathing is another way to fight back pain at home. By relaxing and taking time each day for yourself, you can help back muscles relax and unclench. This is another way to distract yourself from the pain that is happening and makes you feel consumed by it.


Some patients have found that some over the counter or pharmaceutical medication help relieve their back pain temporarily as well. Even though it is a quicker relief, you might want to consider looking into more long-term ideas to practice in the comfort of your own home.


We hope you use some of these tips to help relieve your back pain at home. Are you or a loved one looking for a home care agency in Highland Park, IL? Visit our friendly staff today and learn more about the services we can provide in your home. Just check out FHC Reviews and see what our past clients have to say. You can locate our hours at FHC Hours as well.