Gyro-What? This Rapidly Growing Workout Seeks to Lengthen, Strengthen, and Heal

No, not the food Gyro- we’re talking about the Gyrotonic exercise technique. At Freedom Home Care, we have a solution to provide your arthritis and hypermobile joints some relief. Find out what the gyro is all about at your home care agency.


Some people who have tried the Gyrotonic technique say they felt immediate relief and after about six months, patients found their overall biomechanics were much stronger. So what is this not-so-famous technique that is providing people with fast relief?


Gyrotonic is a form of allowing your body to always stay moving and changing directions. Similar to a form of Yoga and Pilates, this technique operates on a plane of motion. When enrolling in a Gyrotonic class, you will be sitting on mats or specially designed exercise machines at the assistance of an instructor.


While doing so a wave of motion will occur, or a flow of blood to your spine. The way the rhythm is in circular motions, it will help stretch your arms, back, and provide relief to the joints.


After doing several Gyrotonic classes, you will feel more balanced, reflexive and overall more healed from arthritis and hypermobile joint relief. This workout is rapidly growing and may be available at a gym or yoga studio near you!


This type of approach allows your body to always evolve and build on what you have learned. This is a great way to slowly weave working out into your life safely and feel healed from pain. This method works best for athletes and people who experience pain as they get older.


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