All About Dementia

Dementia as common as it may occur often goes misinterpreted. At Freedom Home Care, your home care agency, we are here to provide you with some answers to questions you might have. Find out all about dementia here.


Dementia is a progressive brain syndrome that affects someone’s memory, thinking, emotion, and behavior. Because dementia affects major body functions, it is the leading cause of disability amongst older people.


Dementia may be experienced differently depending on the person affected because each case is dealt in its own way. With over 100 forms of dementia, it is normal for some to experience things that another person with dementia might not.


A well-known form of dementia that often goes hand-in-hand is Alzheimer’s disease. This disease can be accounted for 50-60% of all cases diagnosed. The other percent includes vascular dementia and frontotemporal dementia.


What are some early signs and symptoms of dementia? Things such as memory loss, trouble finding the right words, not understanding what some are saying, personality moods and mood changes may be an early sign.


While dementia can affect people under the age of 65, the majority of people diagnosed are typically older. Understanding dementia and raising awareness is very important in challenging the misconceptions with the disease.


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