6 Activities to Celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day

Do you know what is held every last Wednesday in May? It’s National Senior Health and Fitness Day! At Freedom Home Care, your home care agency, we are here to provide six activities that you or a loved one can do to celebrate.


With over 100,000 people participating in retirement communities, park district, and hospitals, here is how you can get active as well. Leading us off at number one is going to the park. With the weather finally warming up, take a stroll in the park filled with trail walking, a picnic, etc.


Next up on our list is to attend a fitness class. What better way to get active than in a class ran by a certified instructor! With someone there to guide the right techniques and help to prevent injury, it is a perfect way to start safely.


Number three is to work in the garden. Not only does this spring up your home with beautiful flowers and vegetables, but it also gets some exercise incorporated into your or your loved ones’ lives.


Next up is number four and that is to dance! Yes, you heard that right. Whether you are enrolled in a Zumba class or simply dancing in the comfort of your own home to music, you are keeping your body active while having fun!


Leading us at number five on the list is to schedule a health screening. While it is national health and fitness day, it is important to ensure that you are healthy as well. Scheduling a screening will ensure that you or your loved ones are taking preventative measures for your health.


Last on the list is to volunteer. This is a chance to offer wellbeing to not just yourself, but others who you help as well. Find places like health fairs, community events, churches, etc. in doing so, you can help spread the word about good health.


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