The 4 Benefits to Using Music Therapy

Music has the ability to bring happiness to everyone no matter their age. The young and the elders can benefit from using music therapy to provide comfort. We here at Freedom Home Care have put together a list of how music therapy and alternative therapy can help your loved one.


Leading us off at number one is reduction of stress. By using music therapy and frequently listening to music, you can help deal with the stress and tension life brings. Choosing music that is more relaxed can reduce high heart rates and calm your loved one- helping to make them stress-free.


Another reason one can benefit from using music therapy is that it will help improve speech and cognitive skills. This type of therapy is often used to treat memory care patients and help to maintain their speech skills. It can inspire people who are nonverbal to communicate with you by humming or singing along.


Up next at number three is an increase in social activity. Music can be known and recognized for bringing people together. When you get a small group to interact together, it will help loved ones connect with other people. This type of therapy also can help get rid of feeling lonely.


Last but not least at number four, music inspires movement. When using music therapy effectively, it will motivate loved ones to get moving by dancing, clapping, or even tapping their feet. When you use tiny drums or tambourines, it also is a great way to get your loved one physically involved as well.


As Chicago caregivers, we know just how much you value your loved one’s well-being and happiness because we do too. Try using music therapy with your loved one at home or join Jim Kendros every month from 10:30 am – 11:30 am at Dickinson Hall Senior Center as he discusses music appreciation. It is $5 for members and $10 for non-members. Please register 3 days before the class. Check our Facebook for updates.


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