How Swimming Can Benefit Your Mental and Physical Health

There’s nothing better than floating in the pool or on a lake on a hot summer day. While it’s great for beating the heat, there are many physical and mental health benefits to swimming. This exercise is fun for people of all ages and healthy too! Find out why at Freedom Home Care.


The first health benefit is that swimming is a whole-body workout. It engages and uses almost every single major muscle group throughout your entire body. It also increases your heart rate without putting stress on the body.


Up next, swimming builds cardiovascular strength. Just as we mentioned above, by increasing your heart rate, swimming is the perfect cardio. Your heart and lungs will get exercise while swimming and treading water. It doesn’t even feel like cardio!


Swimming is also good for people with disabilities. A physical disability like paraplegia can often limit how a person can work out. Because water provides some resistance and support, you may find that swimming is the ideal option. It can also boost confidence and improve social skills.


Something about dipping into the water puts a smile on someone’s face, and that is because swimming can help boost your mood. Since you are exercising, your body is releasing endorphins which improves your overall mood.


Finally, swimming will help you manage your stress levels. By swimming on a hot summer day, or even in an indoor pool during the winter months, you will relieve stress and anxiety- feeling better overall.


We hope you found these effects of everyday swimming a motivation to jump on in the water this summer! Are you looking for “senior home care near me” for a loved one? Visit us at Freedom Home Care today and learn more about our range of care services we provide.