Personality Traits That Increase Life Longevity in Seniors


You might be wondering- what does it take to live a very long and happy life? For as long as we can remember, history has shown that some have lived to an older age and they all share a few things in common. Luckily for you, we at Freedom Home Care have put together a list of personality traits that seniors have in common.


Number one: having a productive and active lifestyle. Not only does an active lifestyle have health benefits, but it is widespread amongst seniors. Staying active for as long as you can is the key to living longer and a trait that most seniors share. Staying productive is another way to not only maintain your physical health, but it also helps with your mental health as well. Keeping yourself busy helps lower depression and increases your desire to fulfill hobbies and other various activities.


Next up is having a positive mindset. Research has found that most seniors share the idea of “the glass is half-empty”. Positive thinkers can live far longer and happier lives because of the way they view life. Challenges are faced in any life and being able to positively think about them will go a long way if conquering the challenge. So next time you are thinking on the negative side, try to see the glass as half-full.


Number three: maintaining a healthy weight and a nutritious diet. A lot of seniors share this trait because it can help prevent diseases or illnesses and make you feel overall better. What you eat affects not only your body’s weight but how you feel every day. Putting the right nutrients into your body will go a long way in leading a long and happy life.


Having the ability to balance stress is good for all ages, but especially for seniors – this is a leading trait that can be shared. Stress puts a damper on how you feel and your overall health but learning how to manage it will make life easier. After years of experience, seniors learn that there are some things in life that just simply aren’t worth stressing over.


Finally, having close bonds and social relationships is another key seniors have learned to living their best life. Loneliness and depression are common amongst seniors, but when you have strong relationships and bonds with family and friends, it can have a tremendous impact on your mental health.


By following some of these common traits among seniors, you will live a happy lifestyle! Are you looking for a home care agency for a loved one? Visit us at Freedom Home Care today to learn more about the services we provide. Visit us online or search “senior home care near me” today.