National Senior Citizens Day- How to Celebrate on August 21st

On August 21st, there is a national holiday dedicated to celebrating your favorite seniors in your life- Senior Citizens Day! As a homecare agency, we know just how special seniors are and cannot wait to celebrate. Below are some ways you can join in on celebrating too- check them out here!


Get your loved ones engaged this holiday and throw them a backyard barbecue, dinner, or make the whole day a party in honor of them being awesome. For some, it might be difficult to express just how much you care for them, but throwing them a party ensures they know just how much they mean to you.


Another way to celebrate is to learn a new skill from your loved one. Not only will this be great for your physical health, but it will also allow your loved one to pass down and share their talents. Many seniors have some pretty impressive skills that they’ve developed and would be excited to teach you what they know.


Spend the day with them and you may learn more about them than you think! You can learn so much about a person by just asking and it might be interesting to share their history! Seniors offer a deep and unique perspective based on what they have experienced and their stories are always exciting to hear.


You can ask your loved one to join you in volunteering. What better way to bond than to do something you both enjoy while giving back to the community. Not only can volunteering be incredibly rewarding, but you also bond with someone who might have walked a very different path in life than you. In doing so, it will help you better understand social, economic, and health issues.


There are many ways you can celebrate National Senior Citizens Day this month. Join us on the 21st and celebrate your loved ones by sharing your story on our Facebook page. Use #FreedomHomeCare with your post – we’d love to read about the exceptional senior in your life.


No matter how you choose to spend the day, as long as you are sharing time with your loved ones and make sure they know how loved they are, they will be more than happy to see you! Are you looking for a home care agency? Visit us at Freedom Home Care Highland Park today to learn more about the range of services we provide for you or a loved one. At Freedom Healthcare we want everyone to receive the highest quality of care; that is why all of our staff is more than certified to assist your loved ones today. Have fun celebrating this national holiday with your loved ones!