Caring for Your Parent When You Are an Only Child

Being an only child doesn’t mean that you have to care for a parent alone. You might at times feel that because you have no siblings you are caring for a parent by yourself and are overwhelmed. Don’t let the burdens of caregiving take a toll on your happiness, we at Freedom Homecare Highland Park are here to help. Below is a list of tips you can use for homecare. Check them out!


Use Available Resources


It is important for only children to use all the resources available to them so that they can create the most effective support system. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends, neighbors, or partners for help and someone to talk to.


Resources like home delivery for medication and groceries are a great way to help you and your loved one. Not only will it cut down your errands list, but it will ensure that you can focus more time on your loved one.


Seek Support


In today’s digital world, there are many support groups one could join. Facebook groups especially, there are hundreds of people you can go to for support and advice who are going through exactly what you are.


You should never feel isolated or alone when caregiving for your loved one. There are always people available to help you out and listen when you need it.


Consider In-Home Care or Senior Living


Some families might feel that moving to a senior living community is the best option. If you feel you aren’t ready to do that, or you know your loved one wants to stay in the comfort of their own home, consider using an in-home caregiving service like Freedom healthcare.


Seniors get to stay in their own home, but the caregiver allows you more time to work, run errands, and spend time with your parent while they do the work. It is also another way to ensure your loved one is safe at all times if something were to happen.


We hope these tips make you feel better about caring for your loved one as an only child. Stay tuned for more helpful tips at Freedom Home Care!