How the Changing of Seasons Affect Seniors

Seniors who are afflicted with dementia are more prone to being affected by seasonal changes. If you or a loved one are currently suffering from dementia, you know just how important it is to keep a routine schedule. When schedules are disrupted by the seasons it can be difficult to adjust. Your home care agency has more information on why this might happen. Read more below!


How Might Sundowning Work?


When seasons switch over, you start to see less and less sunlight during the day. An increased amount of darkness, like in winter, can cause confusion and irrational behavior for people suffering from dementia.


This can include poor sleep habits, too much caffeine, infections, and poor lighting in homes as a result of sundowning. Other symptoms might arise, but each person is affected differently by the change of lighting outside.


How Can We Treat the Symptoms?


There is no “official” way to treat these symptoms and it really is just a process of seeing what might work, and what doesn’t work for you or a loved one. The first way you can start is by making sure you get in the habit of turning on as many lights in the house as you can before the sun starts to set, so once it does it isn’t such an adjustment inside.


Pushing off sleep and limiting hours in the day for naps is another idea to keep your loved one’s sleep schedule good. When you sleep less during the day, it is easier to become more tired at night. Holding off that afternoon nap will go a long way in adjusting to the earlier sunsets.


Start using these tips before the season is over so that it will be an easier transition to the next season. With fall approaching right around the corner, it is a good idea to start turning more lights on in the house earlier than you usually would at this season. This will ensure the best fall physical health!


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