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Tips to Give Yourself a Calming Environment

  The space around us can have a huge impact on mood, concentration, comfort, and safety. For the elderly, particularly those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, a calming environment can make a huge difference. An environment that creates a state of calm and relaxation can reduce agitation and confusion. The following are three key things to consider when creating a calming environment for yourself or an elderly person you love. 1. Lighting – Since the elderly often struggle with sight, a well-lit room is essential to creating a calming environment. Provide as much natural light as possible, but when that
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Mindful Breathing Keeps the Mind Young and Healthy

One of the simplest and most important exercises that you could possibly do is one you probably think the least about – breathing. More specifically, it’s mindful breathing. Mindful breathing is the practice of managing stress, anger and anxiety. Stress is triggered in the nervous system where it causes the fight or flight response. This happens when the body perceives a threat and reacts by releasing hormones that create physiological changes like escalated heart rate, muscle tone and blood pressure – a reaction that’s only beneficial when we’re under duress or need to act quickly. Fight or flight is meant
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