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How a Daily Walk Can Boost Your Health

Exercising is important for everyone, at any age. As we age, it becomes even more essential to keep the body moving. Even if your days of running marathons, playing sports, or lifting heavy weights at the gym are behind you, you can still get the exercise your body needs to stay healthy and feel good. Taking a daily walk is easy, it costs nothing, and, for seniors, it is one of the most effective ways to keep moving. If you choose to walk outside or with a loved one or a good friend, it becomes even more beneficial. Benefits of
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Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors

  Traveling may be one of the best gifts for mom or dad. The trip may be to visit family for the holidays, an adventure to a destination, or even a return home.  Since planning trips can be hard and time-consuming, we have drafted a list of travel tips for seniors to make sure you get to your destination safe and sound!   Visit Your Doctor   Before you plan anything trip-related, it’s important to plan a trip to the doctor first. Your doctor will be sure to clear your loved one safe for travel and can give you recommendations
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Senior Home Care Hacks: Ingenious Ways To Convert Everyday Items Into Helpful Tools

As we age, a lack of mobility, physical ailments and chronic health conditions can make it more difficult to do things we used to as easily as we used to do them. But that doesn’t mean seniors have to give up on doing everyday tasks either. They just need to find a better way. Freedom Home Care came up with five life hacks that will not only allow older loved ones to exercise their creativity and know-how, but will also take the hassle out of the daily routine. Color-Coded Keys If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably accumulated more
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