Newborn Care

Our Newborn Care Program

Freedom Home Care and Medical Staffing’s Newborn Care Program is designed to assist new mothers and fathers in their own home as they learn to care for their new child. Whether the mother is remaining in the hospital for a longer recovery period, the baby has special needs such as jaundice care, or both responsible parties are unable to provide full care for the newborn, Freedom Home Care and Medical Staffing is here to help! Our Newborn Care services give parents the help they need to ease into life with a new baby at home.

What is Newborn Care?

For many people, going home with a newborn baby is the most exciting – and most terrifying moment of their lives. Newborns have many needs like frequent feedings and diaper changes, and their needs may not always be obvious to new parents. After all, babies can’t tell us what they want or why they’re crying! Newborns can also have health issues that are different from older children and adults like a diaper rash and cradle cap. FHC’s Newborn Care helps educate new parents on how to best handle both the unexpected and daily needs of newborn babies.

What kind of at home newborn help can FHC offer?

Our caregivers and certified nursing assistants are available not just to help you learn the best, most efficient ways of keeping your new baby happy and healthy – we’re also here to help you develop confidence, understanding and practical skills that will help you transition with your new family. FHC support is also available to help out simply because you might need rest or a longer recovery period post-delivery. Newborn baby care can be totally adapted to your family’s needs.

Here are some of the specific services our caregivers can offer:

Setting up a routine to fit your family’s lifestyle. We will interpret and respond to your baby’s needs to establish healthy sleeping habits. We’re also able to recognize and address minor issues like diaper rashes, reflux, and colic.

  • Working with the parents on swaddling, soothing techniques, and breast and bottle-feeding.
  • Feeding, changing and bathing your newborn.
  • Sterilizing, cleaning and preparing bottles.
  • Laundering baby clothing and linens. Caregivers are also able to do light housekeeping. (Taking out the trash, washing dishes, tidying up rooms, cleaning bathrooms, etc.)
  • Restocking baby care items.

What are the benefits of FHC’s Newborn Baby Care services?

Our caregivers perform both educational and support functions. Whether you need help setting up an optimal feeding/sleeping schedule or you just need more time to rest, Freedom Home Care and Medical Staffing is here to give you the at-home newborn help you feel is right for you. Have your questions answered, fears assuaged, and gain more stress-free, quality time with your new family.

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