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Activities for Homebound Seniors

Just because your senior parent or relative is not able to get around as much as they used to, doesn’t mean they have to forgo doing some of things they love to do. As we age, physical and mental activity becomes paramount to a long, healthy life. Today, homebound seniors are not limited to playing bridge and doing crossword puzzles all day. There are numerous ideas and activities that your loved can take advantage of and Freedom Home Care has come up with some unique ideas to keep your senior in balance – mind, body and spirit. Health & Wellness
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Summer Activities for Seniors

There are tons of ways to stay active and keep fit this summer. And just as every senior has a different personality, their hobbies and interests vary, as well. Summer is the perfect time to indulge in some of the things your loved one likes to do. So Freedom Home Care wanted to come up with a list of fun, safe activities you and your loved can actually enjoy doing together.   Go Fishing It’s always beautiful out this time of year. It’s even better if you live near a river, lake or some place else that allows you to
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