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10 supplements to consider to improve eye health

Last month, the folks here at Freedom Home Care dedicated a few blogs to macular degeneration, a vision condition that affects more than 15 million Americans. We explained what the condition entails and methods to slow its progress and we offered a video that helps sufferers measure the degree of severity that they’re experiencing. To continue on the theme of healthy vision, we tracked down 10 effective nutritional supplements that have the potential to improve eyesight. The following list comes from the editors at 1. Vitamin A: Vitamin A is required in large doses to ensure proper functioning of the
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10 great reasons to put on the teakettle

Not too long ago, the folks here at Freedom Home Care read a blog about some of the benefits of drinking coffee. For some odd reason, coffee seems to be a guilty pleasure, so it was great to hear about all of its heart-friendly attributes. Tea, on the other hand, has always been touted as the more sophisticated drink of choice. Perhaps it’s the way the Brits delicately drink it with their pinky finger pointing out or perhaps it has something to do with its ancient roots. Either way, we thought that we would dedicate a few blogs to what
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