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National Blood Donor Month

What is National Blood Donor Month? January is National Blood Donor Month, which is a month dedicated to the lifesaving impact of blood and platelet donors. This celebration has taken place each January for nearly 50 years and happens to coincide with one of the most difficult times to maintain sufficient blood supplies for patients. National Blood Donor Month takes place in January because it is a typical period of critical blood shortages. People usually stop donating blood around the holidays and due to winter sicknesses. Not only are voluntary blood donors honored, but also people are encouraged to give
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What Age Is It Safe to Give Blood Until?

It’s National Blood Donor Month! You might be wondering, is it safe to give blood at my age? Well lucky for you, while there is a minimum age requirement to give blood, there is no maximum age restriction. To learn more about blood donation near me, blood donation requirements or more on blood donation age limit information, read more below. Why You Should Donate Donating blood is a great opportunity to get involved in your community and support a good cause. And no, you are never too old to give blood. In fact, the reason January is National Blood Donor
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