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Is There A Link Between Diabetes and Dementia?

Living with a chronic illness can present its own set of challenges. But when conditions like diabetes are linked to dementia, the importance of finding the connection between the two becomes even greater. For every American aged 65 and older, regardless of whether they receive in-home care services, there are almost eight people who have Alzheimer’s disease. That number increases after age 85 to one in two people. And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2014, more than 29 million Americans were diagnosed with diabetes, while 86 million adults were identified as pre-diabetic. In a study
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Alzheimer’s reported as ‘fastest-growing’ U.S. health threat

Over the course of the week, headlines emerged announcing that Alzheimer’s disease is now considered the fastest-growing health threat in the United States. The news is in response to a report that was recently released by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in collaboration with the University of Washington. “Groups like the Alzheimer’s Association have been warning that the U.S. will have to cope with a tsunami of Alzheimer’s disease as the population ages,” explained the editors of an article published on the NBC News website. “A report last month projected that the number of patients with this untreatable
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