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Elderly Americans considered winners in fiscal cliff deal

In the 11th hour, Republicans and Democrats found common ground, keeping the U.S. economy from tumbling over the fiscal cliff. That doesn’t mean, however, that everyone is happy about the outcome. Many consider the deal a losing battle, although, according to the Huffington Post, America’s elderly aren’t part of that contingency. They can be considered among the winners of the fiscal cliff deal, which also includes rich individuals, the unemployed and doctors. “As recently as yesterday morning, it was taken for granted that one of the major provisions of an alternative to the fiscal cliff would be cuts in the
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Addressing the chained CPI proposal for Social Security beneficiaries

In the following video, Christina Martin Firvida, the director of financial security and consumer affairs at AARP, addresses current threats to the U.S. budget that may cut into the benefits of those on Social Security. In it, she explains the math on how moving to a ‘chained CPI’ would hit current Social Security beneficiaries in the wallet.  She stresses that these cuts will especially hurt those who are already struggling financially. To find out how you can call or write your member of Congress to tell them not to cut your cost-of-living adjustment, go to
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