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10 Energizing Snacks to Boost Your Hiking Adventures

Hiking is an exhilarating experience that merges the love of nature with physical activity. But to truly enjoy the journey and maintain stamina, you need the right kind of fuel. That’s where smart snacking comes into play. Here are 10 energizing snacks recommended by Freedom Home Care to keep you fueled on your next hike. These snacks are not only nutritious but also easy to carry, ensuring you have the energy to explore the great outdoors. Table of Contents Mixed Nuts Energy Bars Dried Fruit Peanut Butter Sandwiches Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Jerky Fresh Fruits Cheese Energy Gels 1. Mixed Nuts: The
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Senior Nutrition Tips

There are changes that happen to our bodies as we age that make it almost impossible to maintain the same kind of eating habits that we took on in earlier years. Therefore senior nutrition is important. Things like a slowing metabolism, loss of appetite and chronic health issues often trigger dietary changes. These changes, in some way, are all related to each other. Many seniors experience a loss in appetite as they get older, which translates into fewer calories being burned. Fewer calories are being burned because many older people are likely to be less active. They’re likely to be
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