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Choosing Between Assisted Living and Home Care

One in seven people in the U.S. is 65 or older. By the year 2035, experts say that number will jump to one in seven. And an estimated one in three people will be considered head of household. At some point, many seniors will need some form of in-home or assisted living care. This presents a challenge for not only family members residing with older loved ones, but also for the seniors themselves. With more than 31 million people predicted to be living with a disability over the next 20 years, families will need to begin making choices now in
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Looking at transitional care through the eyes of family caregivers

In a recent study titled, “Family Caregiving and Transitional Care: A Critical Review,” published by the Family Caregiver Alliance, authors Mary Jo Gibson, Kathleen A. Kelly and Alan K. Kaplan looked at the risks held by the elderly when transitioning to new settings, such as those between the hospital and home. In the study, they focused on the role of family caregivers. The major findings include: Family Caregivers Receive Inadequate Support – Relatively little research has been conducted on how family caregivers perceive their own roles and needs during transitions across settings. However, the evidence that is available indicates they
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