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Deliciously Healthy Meal Ideas

Celebrating the holidays with our favorite meals is one of the things that makes time spent with family the most enjoyable. And health-conscious dinners and desserts prepared with love add even more joy to the holiday season (and post-holiday season, too).Freedom Home Care has compiled a list low carb, low calorie recipes for the whole family to enjoy, even after the holidays are over, allowing us all to get back on track. These tidbits are so tasty, you probably won’t mind sharing…or reheating the leftovers. Your whole family is sure to gobble up a handful of these Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies! Cookies can be drizzled
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Celebrate National Grandparents Day this Sunday with someone special

These days, there are a lot of far-fetched holidays, fabricated by the likes of Hallmark and Take some of the silly holidays in September alone, for example. There was Newspaper Carrier Day on the 4th and Dogs in Politics Day on the 23rd. And although Fido and the kid that flies by on his bike every morning might like a little something special, we should all truly turn our attention to the people who make Sept. 9th special – and every other day during the year, for that matter – because this Sunday is National Grandparents Day. “The impetus
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