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A Caregiver Needs Help, Too

Being a caregiver can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. If you’re like most people, becoming a caregiver is a role that you may have had to take on without prior notice or warning – placing the health and well-being of a senior parent or other loved one almost solely in your hands. If your family member is not receiving in-home care services, this realization can not only be overwhelming, but daunting, as well. And yet, it’s normal to experience everything from anger and resentment to guilt and helplessness during any part of the caregiving journey. With all of the
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Tips for a Smooth Hospital to Home Transition

Making the change from hospital to home for many seniors is often one of the most difficult aspects of the transition of care. In fact, one in five Medicare patients end up returning to the hospital within 30 days due to unforeseen challenges they face when returning home. Unfortunately, many loved ones aren’t aware that when their senior leaves the hospital, it’s not just continuing health and mobility issues that are at play – there is often the dilemma of getting dialed in to the proper resources. According to the overall structure within the healthcare system lacks the transitional
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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Care Agency

  Enlisting the help of others to help care for your senior can be a daunting process. And if you opt for more personalized care that meets your loved one’s daily needs, helps them retain a sense of independence, and allows them to remain in a familiar environment, in-home care may be the choice for you. There a number of things to consider when searching for a home health care provider – like if the agency is licensed and reputable, if the caregivers are trained and qualified, and what has their track record for care been in the past. After
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