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Reducing time spent in hospitals or rehabilitation facilities

As apparent in its name, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement is focused on improving worldwide health and health care. With much to tackle, the group is concerned about the frequency of readmissions for recently discharged hospital patients. The effort to improve this rate is among the group’s core initiatives. “Hospitalizations account for nearly one-third of the total $2 trillion spent on health care in the United States,” the IHI explains. “In the majority of cases, hospitalization is necessary and appropriate. However, a substantial fraction of all hospitalizations are patients returning to the hospital soon after their previous stay. These rehospitalizations
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Making the transition from hospital to home a pill that's easy to swallow

Bringing a caregiver into the home can be a necessity at various times in one’s life. And a typical time of need is the period following a hospital stay. So to make the transition from hospital to home a smooth one, Medicare can be a great resource. Medicare understands that a lot of instruction is relayed in the discharge process, and often times, it can literally be too many pills for one person to swallow. The explanations surrounding new medications or treatments can be lost in translation, leaving an individual confused and scared. Therefore, the tips and links provided below
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