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What is a geriatrician and how do I know if one is needed?

For senior citizens or anyone caring for an older individual, many of the signs of aging can be quite obvious. The ways to deal with those signs, however, might not be as clear. Whether it be depression, incontinence, arthritis or an increase in falls, a common question is whether the long-time family doctor has the necessary experience to provide proper care and advice. At some point in time, a visit to a geriatrician may be a good idea. But what is a geriatrician and how do I know if it’s worth it to add another doctor to the mix? According
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Reminding patients that there's no place like home

When a person hears the terms home health care, in-home care or home health aide services, often times the first thing that comes to mind is caring for the elderly. This, however, is a bit of a misnomer, considering that home health care can run the gamut – from post-surgery care to speech therapy. “Home health care is a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home,” explains. “Home health care is usually less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective as care you get in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.” Just as it
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3 of 4: The signs of aging, a four-part series

The National Institute of Health has a very distinct mission. The governmental agency’s goal is to seek out information and cultivate knowledge about the “nature and behavior of living systems and the application of that knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce the burdens of illness and disability.” In doing so, the NIH developed its list of what can be expected later in life. And we here at Freedom Home Care have dedicated our efforts to disseminating the organization’s hard work, which can be found in four consecutive posts, starting with last week’s blog roll. But without further ado, here
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