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Video spotlight: Meals On Wheels

This week, we here at Freedom Home Care have focused on helping the elderly loved ones in our lives maintain a healthy weight. Therefore, we thought it was only natural for us to stop for a moment to sing the praises of the Meals On Wheels Association of America. The organization has been working hard to keep the needy senior population healthy and happy since 1954. What began in Philadelphia more than 50 years ago has grown to be America’s largest national organization, which represents about 5,000 community-based senior nutrition programs across the States as well as the U.S. territories.
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Tips for how to maintain a healthy weight later in life

Yesterday, we here at Freedom Home Care took a closer look at why older individuals are prone to lose weight. And we learned that a certain amount of weight loss can be considered normal. As it turns out, the actual decrease in pounds isn’t always attributed to a loss in body fat. Some of it can be due to a decrease in bone density, as well. Therefore, observing weight loss in your elderly loved one might not be something to lose sleep over. However, it’s also not something to ignore. In some cases, weight loss can cross the line from
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