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Flexing the mental muscles to maintain a healthy brain

As most of us know, the brain is like a muscle, and if you don’t flex it from time to time, valuable functions like memory can be weakened. And just as exercise stimulates the body, exercising the brain will help to keep it healthy and strong. grow grape vines Our brains are constantly hungry for new information and so is definitely true later in life. One way to feed the brain, so to speak, is to learn a new language. Taking on tasks like learning simple French of Spanish can give the brain the workout that it needs and can
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1 of 4: The signs of aging, a four-part series

As adults get older, the signs of aging begin to emerge. And being prepared for those changes is half the battle. To be prepared, older individuals and their family members can educate themselves as to what those signs are and what they entail. Knowing what to expect is most certainly one of the healthiest and smartest approaches to getting older. According to the National Institute of Health, there are eight areas of age-related change to be familiar with. For today’s purposes, let’s hone in on the top two, which are, coincidently, the most well-known. 1. Brain: Memory and Alzheimer's Disease The
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