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Getting a clearer picture on the future of Medicare

Last night’s State of the Union address was full of proposals and promises for everything from job creation to gun control. The problem with an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink speech, however, is making heads or tails of it. As viewers know, President Obama devoted a fair amount of his more-than-an-hour-long address to Medicare. But many are still trying to figure out what it will all boil down to. To get a clear picture of what the future of Medicare could look like, Sarah Cliff of the Washington Post took Obama’s words and broke them down into easy-to-digest pieces. She said that there were
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The nuts and bolts of Medicare

It’s not often that a person is asked to define Medicare. And for the most part, we should all be relieved, considering the myriad aspects that have recently been under scrutiny. As for now, however, Medicare is in tact and in a very similar fashion to how it was originally intended when the program launched in 1965. In case an individual is indeed faced with the questions, “what is Medicare?” or “How and when will I use it?” it’s good to know the basics. So, watch the following video, which is short and easy to understand. It gives a quick
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