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Important information for taking generic pills

Many Americans take more than one daily prescription and when doing so, they often rely on the color of the pills to know that they are sticking to their medication schedules. It can be as easy as knowing that every morning they must take one blue pill and one white pill, for example. When switching to generic drugs, however, using a color-coded rule of thumb isn’t always that easy. And that’s because often times, generic drugs are a different color than their brand-name counterparts. According to an article published by, a media outlet covering the Raleigh, Durham and Fayetteville
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Making the transition from hospital to home a pill that's easy to swallow

Bringing a caregiver into the home can be a necessity at various times in one’s life. And a typical time of need is the period following a hospital stay. So to make the transition from hospital to home a smooth one, Medicare can be a great resource. Medicare understands that a lot of instruction is relayed in the discharge process, and often times, it can literally be too many pills for one person to swallow. The explanations surrounding new medications or treatments can be lost in translation, leaving an individual confused and scared. Therefore, the tips and links provided below
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