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How To Care For a Loved One After Surgery

Depending on the procedure, having surgery can be a pretty stressful experience.  As caretakers, we’re often concerned about the things that need to be done in preparation of the surgery, how well the procedure goes and what to expect afterward. The healing process itself can be daunting and one that requires a lot of time and assistance from loved ones to aid in a successful recovery. If you’re a caretaker and your senior has just undergone surgery, here are a few things Freedom Home Care found that you can do to relieve the anxiety of caring for someone during their recovery. Ask the Doctor about the Procedure Every surgery requires
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Tips for a Smooth Hospital to Home Transition

Making the change from hospital to home for many seniors is often one of the most difficult aspects of the transition of care. In fact, one in five Medicare patients end up returning to the hospital within 30 days due to unforeseen challenges they face when returning home. Unfortunately, many loved ones aren’t aware that when their senior leaves the hospital, it’s not just continuing health and mobility issues that are at play – there is often the dilemma of getting dialed in to the proper resources. According to the overall structure within the healthcare system lacks the transitional
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Learning about the potential for post-operative cognitive decline

According to Sunnybrook Hospital’s Dr. Beverley Orser, one in three patients will experience post-surgery memory loss. And unfortunate for some, cognitive difficulties can last as long as three months after a procedure has been performed. In the following video, Dr. Orser explains that memory loss is caused by inflammation in the brain and that it may be treatable and reversible, as shown in a recent study. Freedom Home Care, however, understands that later in life, these types of cognitive decline may make the transition back to home even more difficult. And order generic viagra online that’s why we implemented our
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